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Question Challenge: Compilation

Question Challenge: Compilation Here is a collection of Q & A’s from this month’s challenge – most recent submission are at the top. All are welcome to participate in the Question Challenge. Here are the questions (along with their answers) we have received thus far… #7: This next […]

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Question Challenge: Jan ’18

Question Challenge: Jan ’18 Here is an opportunity to raise those long-lost or new inquiries about everything yoga… Human life is about progress, growth, and expanding our psychic horizons. To that end, we usher in the New Year with the Question Challenge. Here is how it will […]

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What Type of Yoga Do We Practice

Lately, I’ve been getting the question more and more: “What type of yoga do we practice?” The question is most valid and sometimes if asked, I also do not know how to respond. For practicality’s sake though, something has to be said. So here are two basic […]

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What would you like to know?

Here is a place where you can ask any and all types of questions related with yoga, health, meditation, and more. What I understand I will share, what I do not know I will refer you elsewhere. So let me know – what is it that you […]

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