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Yoga Postures

Two Options for Crow Pose

From now on there will be two options for crow pose. This first one will be for more advanced practitioners: Then we have this one for those who need a slight modification: So there you have it – I think it is all quite straightforward at this […]

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What is Your Favorite Yoga Pose?

Some years ago I posed the question: What is your favorite yoga pose & why? And we got a huge response… Life changes – we grow – we encounter obstacles – so I figured it was about time that I asked again. Please do tell us, what […]

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Restorative Yoga Recap

A grand restorative yoga program we had indeed this afternoon: A full house of 16 participants, 2 facilitators, a live flautist, and yours truly. Using bolsters, blocks, straps, eye pillows, sand bags, pillows, blankets and much more, all got the opportunity to experience the calm within. It […]

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Crow on the Water

Crow and mother nature…here is Nancy in perfect form at Flag Ponds Nature Park. Some yoginis need all the accoutrements – not this one! Mat – nah! Yoga pants – nah! Short sleeves – nah! Smooth surface – nah! Jeans – Sure! Hiking boots – Why not?!? […]

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Pier Review: TV Interview w/ Wendy Rieger NBC-4

Wendy Rieger, the news anchor of NBC-4, approached me for an interview for her new show, “Pier Review”, in early September. So one morning we sat and talked on her pier and she also came to a class and filmed. That interview began airing (Oct 27, 2010) […]

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Renaissance Yoga: Music Video

Well,  here is the 5th and final video of this series. This one is of a little different genre – it is another way of looking at what we do (though we never play this type of music in class!) – we hope you like it. Here […]

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Video: Gentle Yoga Class

Namaskar and welcome to one of our gentle yoga classes. Basically, any class on our schedule not named as  Strength & Fitness or Absolutely Abs comes within the domain of “gentle yoga”. These classes are for everyone. Do join us – look forward to having you there!

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Video: Yoga for Strength & Fitness

This video captures the essence of what our Yoga for Strength and Fitness class is all about: It is designed to be a challenging yoga experience. Generally we recommend that people have a solid background in yoga before entering this class, and / or be in very […]

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Video: Testimonials I

This is the second video of our 5-part informational series on Renaissance Yoga. It is possible that we will make more testimonial videos in the future. This piece stands as our initial one. Those who have taken our classes are most welcome (and encouraged) to offer further […]

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Video: Introduction to Renaissance Yoga

Here is the our first-ever Renaissance Yoga video!! Many thanks to all who helped make this possible. This is the first of 5 informational videos that will be released onto our site in the coming days. We have tried to capture a range of moods and expressions […]

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