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Best Preventive Measure for Back Pain: Movement

Best Prevention for Back Pain: Exercise A regular yoga practice is arguably the tool for preventing and remedying back pain.  The below link to an NPR report (Jan 12, 2016) finds that of all the different modalities and preventive measures for back pain, one stands tall against the […]

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Some Like It Hot – NOT

Hot yoga has become quite popular in some circles of the contemporary American yoga movement. One of the “pioneers” of hot yoga is Mr Bikram Choudhury, who has branded Bikram Yoga. This post examines the foundations of hot yoga as well as the ways of its famed […]

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Pier Review: TV Interview w/ Wendy Rieger NBC-4

Wendy Rieger, the news anchor of NBC-4, approached me for an interview for her new show, “Pier Review”, in early September. So one morning we sat and talked on her pier and she also came to a class and filmed. That interview began airing (Oct 27, 2010) […]

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Yoga on Global Newscast!

The curative effects of yoga for back pain are reported on this global news broadcast. Click here to see the newscast. Two Notes: 1. The doctor being interviewed is clearly not the yoga type thus giving more credence to his report (I feel). Though I do believe […]

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