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Indian Street Life – Some Things Don’t Change

Life has changed dramatically in the towns and cities of India in the last 15 years. Nearly every aspect of social life has been transformed – quickly those regions have grasped onto modern-day materialism. That has been the general trend. Even then, there are some aspects of life that […]

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Koko (The Gorilla) & Robin Williams

This video (2001) is meaningful on any number of levels…. Is this not a tribute to life itself and a reminder how with a little communication and compassion even the seemingly impossible is easily attained. Your thoughts are welcomed… From The Gorilla Foundation: August 11, 2014 In 2001, […]

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Video: Sam’s Philosophy on Life

Sam Berns led a dynamic and courageous life – all the while encumbered by a rare disease known as progeria which causes premature aging. But don’t think he lived a life of suffering – never. Here below Sam shares with us his philosophy on life. (Note: Sam […]

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Video: Remarkable Case Study on Reincarnation

This case study critically examines one boy’s experience with memories from his past. Regardless of one’s belief system, this is an intriguing portrayal that offers convincing evidence regarding the phenomenon of reincarnation. This is a famous case that was reported on by many of the major news […]

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Harvard Study: Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Here is a very interesting report just released by Harvard scientists and doctors about the benefits of yoga. Important: Do not let the image dissuade you from watching this video. They are primarily talking about the brain and stress reduction – not doing fancy poses. Two points […]

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Relaxation Workshop Recap & Video

Be sure to watch the wonderful 30 sec video – slideshow set to music below…. Absolutely wonderful to have everyone out for yesterday’s seminar – “The Art & Science of Relaxation.” We had a group of participants who really immersed themselves in the flow! After some opening […]

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Feeling Better…

While in North Carolina for mom’s birthday, the plan was for Kate to teach all the classes. That was the plan anyway – though it was not meant to be. Kate and Luke both woke up with an infection on Tuesday morning and Kate was still suffering […]

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How To Use a Foam Roller: Stretch & Relieve Muscles

Recently after some classes I was talking about the use of a roller to relieve muscle tension. It is not something I have done a lot of but I have used it of late and found it helpful. Here below are “how to” videos that I found […]

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My Excuse for Missing the Arm Balance Workshop

One of our highly anticipated attendees for the recent Arm Balance Workshop was unable to attend. I told him he better have a good excuse. In an email titled – “My excuse to miss the arm balance seminar!” – he sent the below video. Here Reza himself […]

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Video: “Chasing Ice” & Glacier Calving

If there was ever any doubt about the awesome power of nature, this should put that to rest: From the yogic perspective, the moving force behind this display – the subterranean flow of cosmic consciousness – lies covert within each and every entity. Meditation is the process […]

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