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Elephant Video: Helping One in Need

Elephant Video: Helping One in Need Every once in a while we all need a little well-timed push from behind… Reflection As is probably well apparent, there are a few things striking about the video. (a) Firstly, how hard the baby elephant tries to get out of […]

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Crate Yoga to Perfection & Cat Wrestling

Crate Yoga to Perfection Here is young Nitro doing his best version of yoga nidra in class today…also check out how he rests and home and videos of Nitro’s cat wrestling program!! Our new service pup in training, Nitro, started attending full classes two weeks ago. He has […]

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Case Study: 102 Yr Old Dr. Reveals Secret to Long Life

Case Study: Dr. Reveals Secret to Long Life He was still performing heart surgery at the age of 95, then decided to retire as it was a nice round number. Naturally National Geographic took interest. Now follow his journey to the age of 98, 102 and beyond… And […]

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Classical Indian Drumming

Classical Indian Drumming These two phenomenal percussionists are playing the mrdangum and the tabla. One other interesting point is that in India, students of music are right taught to “sing” the instrument before learning to play it. The idea being this helps the student internalize the process. […]

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Video: Home Remodeling Yoga

Video: Home Remodeling Yoga I have nominated Annie and Kirk for Oscars for their below piece. No doubt you too will like it…  

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Video: Special Turmeric Hot Drink

Video: Special Turmeric Hot Drink This homemade beverage contains anti-inflammatory and blood-cleansing agents like turmeric, ginger and more… This recipe comes to us by way of Debbie (Tues, Thurs, Fri am classes). She has been having this every evening of late and has found it to be beneficial. Turmeric […]

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Video: Final Restore of 2016

Relax into the New Year These practitioners came to bask in our final Relax & Restore class of 2016….In case you missed it not to worry. We offer this class every Saturday at 9:45am….Join us in 2017.  About this Class We usually start with some deep breathing […]

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Bikram report: A Yogi he is Not

Bikram report: A Yogi he is Not The fallacy and scandals surrounding the maniac behind “hot yoga” Back in 2013, in the midst of the then latest allegations surrounding Bikram Choudhury, I wrote a post about the “efficacy” of hot yoga, and how strict discipline and proper conduct […]

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Kidney Cleanse with Parsley + Video

Kidney Cleanse with Parsley One of the best things about this is that it is super easy to do…. Doing the cleanse A week or so back in an email I included a link (appended below) for an easy kidney cleanse using parsley. That generated a lot […]

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Liam & Luna Do Wrestlemania

Liam & Luna Do Wrestlemania The only change in the rules is that biting is allowed…even encouraged!! Actually Liam is not a professional cat wrestler, but rather a service dog in training who shall depart us on Nov 4 to go to NY for his six-month intensive. […]

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