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Jaya’s Maiden Voyage to NYC

Jaya’s Maiden Voyage to NYC Here is Jaya being an active participant in NYC street life. This is day one of her first visit ever to NYC (12/4/17)…I say that she is more than holding her own in the Big Apple!! Jaya writes us: Some shots from […]

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Yogis in the Redwoods

Yogis in the Redwoods A few of our famous practitioners have journeyed to the land of the big trees… Part of the beauty of this photo is that it helps us remember that we may not always be as big as we think. Instead of tightly gripping […]

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Hola From Ancient Mayan City

Hola From Ancient Mayan City One of our wonderful yoginis checks in from an ancient Mayan city… Merinda writes us: Hola! Look hard and you’ll see me… That is the ancient Mayan city of Tikal. It was the heart of the Mayan Empire that stretched from Honduras […]

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Yoginis on the Water

Yoginis on the Water Two of our yoginis are vacationing and exploring the water in two radically different places… Deep Creek Lake, Maryland Here you are bearing witness to the front end of Nancy’s kayak as she explores the wilds of Deep Creek Lake. Homer, Alaska Marisa sends […]

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An Olympic Tree: Yoga Adventures in the Northwest

An Olympic Tree: Yoga Adventures in the Northwest See what one of our yoginis has found while hiking the rainforest terrain of the Pacific Northwest.  Linda writes us: Something to aspire to! Update: During her dynamic, oral report after class on 7/15/17, Linda described how part of the wonder […]

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Yoga-ventures in Texas

Yoga-ventures in Texas Here are our cousin yoginis once again on the go doing “Longhorn Cattle” Pose in Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas. Note: The Sanskrit name for this posture is Gomukhasana. Here are some of Annie’s & Lisa’s other travels…. Crocodile Kayaking Outdoor Yoga in Florida Hitting the […]

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Yoga in Puerto Rico – A Photo Journal

Yoga in Puerto Rico: A Photo Journal Here are some of the scenes and vistas from Jaya’s recent trip to Puerto Rico…  Jaya writes: I took numerous photos from my trip and thought I’d share a few. Most are from the studio I told you about, Barefoot […]

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Tree Pose at the Arctic Henge

Tree Pose at the Arctic Henge Our yogi sailors extraordinaires have reached the northern part of Iceland – home of the Arctic Henge. Candy writes us: Visiting the Arctic Henge construction site which is north of the most northerly town in Iceland, Raufarhofn, right on the Arctic Circle. I asked David […]

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Great Stay in NC

Great Stay in NC Had yet another wonderful stay with mom at her comfortable abode… Here are some of the sights and scenes from my recent visit with mom in North Carolina. There are three basic themes in this blog post: (1) The natural surroundings, (2) farm […]

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One Way to Beat the Heat

Beating the Heat Here is how one yogini has chosen to keep cool during summer’s hottest days… Here is the view off the front end of Nancy’s kayak as she paddles [Aug 10] the waters around Chincoteague. So tell us, how have you been beating the heat?? After seeing the […]

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