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Camel Pose on the Water

On this day of snow showers, we should all take heart in this photo from Sarah on her recent vacation. Sarah writes the following about her camel pose experience: We went to Ft Lauderdale, Florida last weekend and went out on the canal on paddle boards – […]

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Warrrior III on Ice Skates During Arctic Vortex

Who says we’re all turning into weather wimps. Ok, ok, maybe I was a bit hunkered down during the cold spell, but I am proud to say that our practitioners were out and about doing the needful. Katy writes us: Here’s my mid-skate Warrior 3 thanks to […]

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Yoga In The Florida Keys

While some of us struggle with the brisker weather that is settling in, we can all take solace in the fact that at least some people are warm and comfortable – and doing yoga outside on the beach!! Keep doing lots of tree pose for us Tina!! […]

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Yoga in North Woods of Maine

Recently Sharon took fall hiking and camping trip in northern Maine – i.e. Baxter State Park – and here are a few shots that she has kindly shared with us. Much gratitude to her husband Mike for his excellent camera eye. (Note: To see s bigger version […]

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Renyoga at the Hoover Dam

Here is our dear friend and yogini Ashleigh at the Hoover Dam. Eliza (2 yrs & 2 mos) is leading the way as Ashleigh holds baby Calvin (born: 5/10/13, “delivered naturally, in an inflatable pool in our living room”). As some of you may recall when Ashleigh […]

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A Solid Foundation

Some of you may be interested to know what Kate and Luke are doing on vacation. Well, here is a peek into the situation. You tell us, who is supporting whom??

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The Levitating Yogini

Here is the home practice of one great, local yogini. With her deep meditation she simultaneously keeps herself in the air while pressing the bigger guy into the ground. Here is another shot where she is employing a special hand mudra. Next we have this picture – […]

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Yoga Scenes From Sanibel

Here is Annie on vacation with her cousin Lisa – a famous yoga duo – in Sanibel, Fla doing parsvakonasana or extended side angle in tandem: (See bigger version of below pic…) Here they are showing one of the many great ways people can support one another: […]

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Snow Yoga: Chance Meeting In the Woods

Both Jean (left) and Nancy went on vacation with their own families – separately. They were both going to Deep Creek Lake, but it is a big area and they were staying in different locations. Both went for an outing of trekking through the snow in the […]

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Rock’n Road Warrior

Here is a joyous sight. The Ehmanns were the road warriors this past week – and along the way they visited Sara (our special guest restorative yoga phenom) in Duluth, MN. It was there that our road warriors turned into rock warriors – pulling off a joint-combo […]

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