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Sleep Seminar Recap

Had a wonderful turnout and great team on hand for yesterday’s seminar, A Good Night’s Rest: The Yogic Science of Sleeping. The seminar was vast in scope covering the physical, mental, emotional, and day-to-day life issues related with sleep, yet also offered specific, practical tips to enhance […]

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The Yogic Science of Sleeping: Sun, Oct 19, 2p – 4p

A Good Night’s Rest: The Yogic Science of Sleeping Sun, Oct 19, 2014, 2p – 4p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Oct 15 // $35 after Oct 15 Register We all know how good we feel when we have slept well. Indeed, sleep is vital to our […]

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Recap: Yoga Anatomy / Bio-Mechanics

Thanks to all who came out for yesterday’s (Sat 2-22-14) Yoga Anatomy: Bio-Mechanics & Alignment workshop. It proved to be yet another insightful seminar. And you all really brought a lot to the fore with respect to queries, engagement, and more. As usual, Sean raised some really […]

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Fasting For You: Sun, Mar 16, 2p – 4:30p

Fasting for You Sun, Mar 16, 2014, 2p – 4: 30p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Mar 12 // $35 after Mar 12 Register Nowadays, fasting is gaining in popularity. People are doing various types of fasts – and getting the benefits, accordingly. Weight loss is one […]

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Recap: Chakras & Bio-Psychology Seminar

Thanks to all for coming out to yesterday’s seminar, Chakras & Bio-Psychology. We had an extremely engaging group that offered many questions as well as many answers and reflections… No doubt, the topic was a massive one: How does the chakra system affect our human personality. We […]

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Yoga Anatomy: Bio-Mechanics & Refining Alignment, Sat Feb 22

Yoga Anatomy: Bio-Mechanics & Refining Alignment Sat, Feb 22, 2014, 1p – 3:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $35 by Feb 19 // $40 after Feb 19 Register with Shawn O’Neill, DPT Discover and learn how to move your body in a healthy, safe, dynamic, and powerful manner. Enhance […]

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Chakras & Bio-Psychology: Sun, Jan 26, 2014

Chakras & Bio-Psychology Sun, Jan 26, 2014, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Jan 22 // $35 after Jan 22 Register The practice of yoga is a mind-body endeavor of which a key element is the chakra system. Chakras have a profound influence on our […]

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Holiday Family Yoga, Sun, Dec 8, 2p – 4:30p

Holiday Family Yoga Sun, Dec 8, 2013, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $25 Adult // $35 Adult & Child // $40 Adult & 2 Children Early Registration Till Wed Dec 4 Register Now Join us for this great gathering of family practice including games, stories, quiet […]

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Eating Healthy: Celebrate Simply – Sun, Nov 10

Eating Healthy: Celebrate Simply Sun, Nov 10, 2:30p – 5:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $50 by Nov 1 // $55 by Nov 6 $60 after Nov 6 Register Explore tasty appetizers and sumptuous desserts that focus on simplicity and health. Sample an array of dishes that allow you […]

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Sanskrit 101: For Yoga Practitioners, Sun, Oct 20, 2p – 4:30p

Sanskrit 101: For Yoga Practitioners Sunday, October 20, 2013, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Oct 16 // $35 after Oct 16 Register Interested in going deeper in your yoga practice? Want to gain a better grasp of terms used in class? Then this seminar […]

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