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Student Spotlight: My Yoga Practice

Student Spotlight: Elizabeth

Student Spotlight: Elizabeth on Abs Podcast: 3 min 22 sec Here Elizabeth share her insights on (re)entering the  Abs class. Elizabeth has really made excellent progress since rejoining the Abs class earlier this year, so I wanted to sit down and talk to her about it. Note: […]

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Podcast: Colleen’s Visit with Chrissy the Baboon

Podcast: 8min 40 sec Colleen’s Experience with a Baboon Recently Colleen had the opportunity to gain special access to a unique animal sanctuary – scroll down to listen to her experiences… Colleen tells us: This is Macy, the little Capuchin [monkey] I fell in love with!  She was […]

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Student Spotlight: Ileana

Here we meet up with Ileana of Dunkirk  – podcast below – to discuss her yoga practice, the plank challenge, and her approach to life. Along the way, Ileana graciously reveals her secrets to longevity and more. You may be surprised by her age and what she […]

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Student Spotlight: Liz

Here following we feature Liz in the latest in our student spotlight series. To date most of the Student Spotlights have been podcasts, This is different as I asked Liz if she was interested in writing a guest blog post about her experiences – and the project […]

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Video: Annie on Eve of Hip Replacement

(Note: Be sure to see all the timeline updates in bold red below…) Here is Annie on the eve of her hip replacement surgery. The surgery was actually this morning (Tues, 11/6) at 9:30am and by all accounts it seems to have gone extremely well. She passed […]

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Student Spotlight: Jean

Here is Jean doing a standing split and be sure to listen to her podcast below… Here she is doing her standing split with the other leg… As you will hear in her podcast (below), Jean is a long-time participant in our classes who is now regularly […]

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Student Spotlight: Janel

Be sure to listen to Janel’s podcast below… Meet Janel and hear about her interesting life transition. As we know, the field of yoga is vast from conception of mind to physical postures and every aspect of life in between. It all counts in building the human […]

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Baby Eliza: Before & After

Eliza showed up just  after class concluded 2 Thursdays ago (Feb 9) when she was 9 1/2 months old and we got a little footage to share with all of you. As a point of contrast, just thought to make this short video clip as a before […]

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Student Spotlight: Katie

Come see, hear and meet Katie as she is our latest student spotlight. Watch her short video and be sure to listen to her podcast below… Katie as you will hear in her podcast (below) has a lot going on in life, but you would never know […]

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Student Spotlight: Linda

In our on-going Student-Spotlight series, meet Linda and hear her dramatic account of how she has just recently made it back onto the mat after a traumatic injury. Below please find a short video of Linda in action PLUS an audio file where she recounts her story. […]

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