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Parables & Stories

Parable – Cracked Pot (Video)

Thanks Diana (Wed evening, Sat morning) for this wonderful slide-show / video for the Poetry Challenge. Here you can see all entries to the Poetry Challenge…

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Podcast: Story – Advice to Pencils

Podcast: Story- Advice To Pencils Time: 3 min 19 sec Here is a story I have had in my collection for years but never told…until this week. The greatest pencil-maker on earth reveals his special advice to pencils – things they should always remember in life. And […]

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The Bridge Builder

The below poem comes to us by way of Kathy P and what a great poem it really is. In yoga serving others and helping others succeed is paramount. Greatness in yoga is defined as making others great – there is no such thing as being great […]

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Perfect Application

This just in from Carolyn: As I was dumping a large load of leaves down the ravine, I stepped into an unseen hole and found myself straddling a bush with one leg down the hill.  Envisioning this morning’s practice, I stood on that one leg, raised the […]

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Dalai Lama: Humans, Animals & Affection

Compassion is compassion is compassion – it transcends faith and practice. Here the Dalai Lama discusses our relation with animals, as well as our relation with other humans, in a most poignant yet humorous tone. The above footage took place on Oct 19, 2007. (Washington Humane Society)

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Stories from the Giita: Krsna visits Vidura

The Bhagavad Giita and the greater era of the Mahabharata period offer wonderful stories for humanity. These parables are timeless. In this particular story, the Great Krishna (Krsna) arrives at Vidura’s house unannounced. Listen to see what transpires. The teaching from this story is as true today […]

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