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Sanskrit Terms

The Om Stone

Here below is the Om Stone, hand-carved with a hammer and chisel in New York Blue Stone by my brother Jeff – a master mason. The slab is 10 1/4″ wide x 15 3/4″ long x 2″ high and weighs 30lbs. Like all of Jeff’s stonework, it […]

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Sanskrit In Silicon Valley: NPR Podcast

In the run-up to yesterday’s Diipavali celebrations, NPR did a short special on language and how Sanskrit terms are coming into aspects of American life. The timing of this was very apropos as we recently held our first-ever Sanskrit seminar and talked about these two key points, […]

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Friendship is one of the great treasures of life. Certainly this is something we have all experienced. With friends we share our innermost thoughts, smile, console, and rejoice. And so much more… How dreary would life be without friends? In Sanskrit there are many terms for the […]

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10 Characteristics of Dharma

Dharma is the natural characteristic or inherent value of something. The dharma of fire is to burn and the dharma of a bird is to fly. The yogis say that human dharma is based on expansion (vistara), flow of mind (rasa), and service (seva). Vistara means expanding […]

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Shaoca: All-Round Purity

Here in our ongoing series we are investigating another limb of yama and niyama. With the onset of spring, this next point is quite relevant. Shaoca (also written saucha) means purity or cleanliness in all realms of life: physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual. It is the […]

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Sanskrit Words Used in Class

A’sana: Literally meaning seat. This more commonly refers to a physical yoga posture which comes under the practice of hatha yoga. A’sanas are glandular based movements which bring about a balance of both body and mind. Specifically, it a position that is comfortably held that develops strength […]

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Podcast: The Ways of Karma

In this podcast, we explore how the law of karma works, as well as how you can improve your karma. How does an action lead to a reaction? What is a sam’skara? What is prakrti? What is good karma and what is bad karma? Discover how to […]

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Happy Diwali / Diipa’valii!!

Diipava’lii or Diwali is the ‘celebration of light’. It is celebrated on the darkest night of the year, which is the 10th new moon in the northern hemisphere. (Oct 17 / 18 2009) Celebrations include colorful lights, fireworks, and sentient merrymaking. The inner significance is that despite […]

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Ten Qualities of a Dharmika

Often we think of yoga as being the practice of asanas or physical postures, in which case one may think that progress only pertains to our physical sphere. However, this aspect of yoga is a stepping stone that facilitates our growth and development – in all realms […]

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Podcast: Way of the Buddha

This podcast – the 4th in this ongoing series – describes, in brief, the life of the Buddha as well as his foundational teaching of the eight-fold path. Learn about Buddha’s brith and early years, why he embarked on a life of renunciation, where he achieved enlightenment, […]

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