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Riddle: Only 2 Things…

Question: What can work in thousands of directions, but do only  two things? Answer: The mind. While we have all experienced how the mind can contemplate countless points and be pulled in seemingly innumerable directions, ultimately the mind can do only two things. The mind can think […]

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Who Am I?? – Answer

The answer to our riddle, Who Am I, is Frannie Johnson… To see Frannie these days, either join her on her current road trip through the southeast and beyond, or check her out in these videos: Yoga For Strength & Fitness or Music Video Frannie is the […]

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Yogini Riddle: Who Am I??

Who Am I? As good as my plank was then, it is better today. If you tell me my hair is still straight, I’ll just say okay. A yogini I am, inside & out, the main difference now is that I no longer pout. Back then and […]

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