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Mama & Me Yoga: Perfect Shavasana

Here we have Mama C and Baby Pearl (11 weeks) practicing the ultimate in shavasana (corpse pose). One of the aspects of shavasana is surrendering unto a greater base (a’dha’ra) in life. Pearl has full and implicit faith in her base, i.e. mama. Similarly mom also seems […]

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Luke’s Yoga Practice: In & Out of Class

Here is baby Luke involved in his home practice and ensuring mom’s alignment is ok! At 4 months, Luke’s philosophy on life is: Why wait – do it while you’re young! Needless to say this is – an original version or adaptation (you decide!) – of ananda […]

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Welcome Baby Harper Elizabeth

We are pleased to announce that Heather & her spouse have welcomed a new baby girl into this world. Heather writes: “I’m so excited to share that Harper Elizabeth is finally here! She joined us on August 30th at 10:53 am, weighing in at 7 lbs, 15oz […]

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Our Two Amelias!!

This past week both Katie and Monaca delivered baby girls – both named Amelia. They (Katie and Monaca) were in class together very consistently over the months, delivered only 3 days apart, and even crossed paths in the hospital. It seems their stars match. Here we have  […]

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8 1/2 Months

As usual, Katie came in for her practice this past Wednesday (7/18/12) for a little stretch and relaxation. Here she is at 8 1/2 months, though really closer to 8.6 months as she is due July 31. Nothing like a little forearm balance to keep one’s equilibrium… […]

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Dancer Pose for Two

Natarajasana or dancer pose refers to the great yogi Sadashiva. One of his names was Nataraj meaning the King of Dance as he introduced both music and dance into ancient Indian civilization, thousands of years ago. Here in this modern era, we have Kate performing Natarajasana. The […]

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Baby Eliza: Before & After

Eliza showed up just  after class concluded 2 Thursdays ago (Feb 9) when she was 9 1/2 months old and we got a little footage to share with all of you. As a point of contrast, just thought to make this short video clip as a before […]

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Student Spotlight: Katie

Come see, hear and meet Katie as she is our latest student spotlight. Watch her short video and be sure to listen to her podcast below… Katie as you will hear in her podcast (below) has a lot going on in life, but you would never know […]

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Me & the Rentals: “On the Road!”

(Note: In a spontaneous flow, wrote and posted this Sunday night 1/22/12, then noontime Monday had second thoughts & deleted it from this blog and my computer, & created this post. Then that evening, after receiving very positive response from Ashleigh (“great…really funny & creative”), did an […]

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Eliza: An Update 9 Months Later

Many of you may recall the pregnancy and birth of Eliza Jane (b. 4/23/11) featured here in this video. Well here she is 9 months later, thereabouts as some of the below photos are from late December. Here is Eliza along with her father, Matt, at a […]

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