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A Different Sort of Friday: Only Wall Yoga

We did today’s class almost exclusively against the well – all kinds of poses were done including: Warrior I, warrior II, warrior III (foot & hand), extended side angle, cobra, half moon (foot & hand), half-chair pose, side twist, full lotus, legs up the wall, shoulder-stand, downward […]

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Mama & Me Yoga: Perfect Shavasana

Here we have Mama C and Baby Pearl (11 weeks) practicing the ultimate in shavasana (corpse pose). One of the aspects of shavasana is surrendering unto a greater base (a’dha’ra) in life. Pearl has full and implicit faith in her base, i.e. mama. Similarly mom also seems […]

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Following Dr’s Orders – Strictly

When post-op for a meniscus (knee) repair one must follow the doctor’s orders very strictly. The surgeon gave the instruction to keep the leg elevated – and Kirk is doing just that, albeit in revolved half-moon with a staff! The surgery was Friday, i.e. a mere 4 […]

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How To Avoid Wrist Pain In Your Practice

We all want to stay injury-free; that is a given. From time to time, pains and aches may arise due to life circumstances or daily living patterns. In our present era, wrist issues do arise due to keyboarding etc and those can play in to your yoga […]

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Retreat: What is Your Vision??

Here is the view from Nancy’s tiny rented cottage, which served as her personal retreat for a day or so this week – a solo endeavor, along with her dog. Such retreats are a great occasion to gather thoughts, reassess priorities, meditate, and so much more. For […]

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Podcast: Breathing and Meditation

Breathing – Meditation Time: 16min 12 sec This below podcast is the second in our series of free, unscripted meditation podcasts. It begins with the breath, explores scenes of visualization and dives deeper inside giving the seeker opportunity to use their intuition. Feel free to listen to […]

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Meditation: Space of Stillness

Meditation: Space of Stillness Podcast: 11min 33sec Here below is the first in our series of free meditation podcasts. This collection has grown out of ongoing, recorded, one-on-one, private sessions. Basically we get together, talk, and delve into meditations according to the queries, inspirations and topics that […]

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What Type of Yoga Do We Practice

Lately, I’ve been getting the question more and more: “What type of yoga do we practice?” The question is most valid and sometimes if asked, I also do not know how to respond. For practicality’s sake though, something has to be said. So here are two basic […]

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Home Practice: Yoga Warm-Up (19 min)

Don’t have a lot of time? Just finished a run and need a cool-down routine? Had  long day and need to refresh? Or just need a change of space – physically or mentally? Then this 19min routine may be just the practice for you. Here is an […]

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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

As we enter the summer season, it is important to wash your mat more regularly. I do have wipes available at our classes – and certainly if you are borrowing one of our mats then definitely wipe it down. However if you are looking for more creative […]

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