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Podcast: A Tale of Exoneration

Podcast: A Tale of Exoneration A remarkable account from one falsely accused & jailed who kept up his hope and humanity… A few weeks ago, while driving to the Thursday morning Intermediate Yoga class, I caught this short NPR interview (7 min 09 sec). It was already […]

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Inner Compass Podcast: An Interview

Inner Compass Podcast Dr. Gwen Schiada recently invited me on her weekly podcast. The theme was listening to one’s inner compass. On Friday (4/28/17), Gwen graciously came on-site after our morning class. We sat down on the floor – yogi style; she set-up her mics on my file […]

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Podcast: “Shine Your Life” – a story of Afghan schoolgirls

Podcast: “Shine Your Life” – a story of Afghan schoolgirls Time: 7 min 15 sec Here we meet a group of Afghan schoolgirls who are thriving in the face of harsh opposition, oppression, and exploitation. Here are some reflections on the recent NPR rebroadcast (11/10/16) of a piece […]

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Podcast: Story – Advice to Pencils

Podcast: Story- Advice To Pencils Time: 3 min 19 sec Here is a story I have had in my collection for years but never told…until this week. The greatest pencil-maker on earth reveals his special advice to pencils – things they should always remember in life. And […]

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Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief (Follow-up)

Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief (Follow-up) Time: 4 min 25 sec On the 28th of October, I posted “Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief“. That particular post contained (1) a podcast to practice breathing techniques as well as (2) a write-up about […]

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Sanskrit 101: Recap + Podcast

Great to have everyone out for today’s Sanskrit workshop! We covered a great deal of information spanning yogic thought, language, sutras, shlokas, naming of asanas, culture, chanting, history, philology and more. You all did a wonderful job of tap dancing across the grand sky of linguistic expression. […]

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Podcast: Forgiveness & Acceptance

Meditative Podcast: Forgiveness & Acceptance Time: 17 min 43 sec How can we be more forgiving of ourselves? How can we compassionately accept others? How do these two endeavors complement our status of mind. This podcast explores the avenues of forgiveness and acceptance through the vision and […]

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Podcast: What To Know to Establish Your Yoga & Meditation Practice

Meditative Podcast: Mind & Practice – What to Know to Establish Your Yoga & Meditation Practice Time: 16 min 35 sec This meditative-cum-philosophical journey explores a key element toward establishing your yoga or meditation practice. So often we try to establish ourselves in our home practice yet […]

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Podcast: Equanimity in Battle

Yoga Podcast: Equanimity in Battle Time: 4 min 14 sec On Saturday after class, we discussed how each and every moment in life is a battle – the good fight – against opposing and or degrading forces. This everyone faces – whether they are aware about it […]

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Stories from the Giita: Krsna visits Vidura

The Bhagavad Giita and the greater era of the Mahabharata period offer wonderful stories for humanity. These parables are timeless. In this particular story, the Great Krishna (Krsna) arrives at Vidura’s house unannounced. Listen to see what transpires. The teaching from this story is as true today […]

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