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Mama & Me Yoga: Perfect Shavasana

Here we have Mama C and Baby Pearl (11 weeks) practicing the ultimate in shavasana (corpse pose). One of the aspects of shavasana is surrendering unto a greater base (a’dha’ra) in life. Pearl has full and implicit faith in her base, i.e. mama. Similarly mom also seems […]

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Growing Yoga Family

Reza (you have to see his skydiving video) and Monaca (see 2nd photo of this post) are Saturday regulars. And in the last 19 months they have had two children – both girls, Ameila & Sophia. Both of whom attended dozens and dozens of yoga classes while […]

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A Window Into Dave’s World

As we march on in March’s Self-Expression Challenge we have received some shots of David’s practice and trade… Being a sailor’s sailor, first David is giving proof that he does not spend all his time at sea – sometimes he hangs out at the beach as well. […]

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Further Scenes: Arm Balance Challenge #3

This is definitely an “I did it moment!” In this Arm Balance Challenge all have their perceived obstacles and goals. While she has a very accomplished practice, for Tina (below) crow pose was a fearful proposition. She did not like the idea of possibly falling forward – […]

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Scenes From the Arm Balance Challenge

Writing the title for this post I felt a bit odd, even uncomfortable. Each month we hold a monthly challenge and the idea is simply to overcome all kinds of staticity in life. We should be on the move and not give way to any type of […]

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Warrrior III on Ice Skates During Arctic Vortex

Who says we’re all turning into weather wimps. Ok, ok, maybe I was a bit hunkered down during the cold spell, but I am proud to say that our practitioners were out and about doing the needful. Katy writes us: Here’s my mid-skate Warrior 3 thanks to […]

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Scenes from Gentle Yoga

Each month we offer an hour-long Gentle Yoga class before the Meditation Circle. The first half of class is comprised of slow, soothing movements designed to stretch, lengthen and massage the body and calm the mind. Then in the second half of the class everyone finds a […]

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Yoga with My Mom

On Saturday we had a community of young ones in class. Moms did lunges and arm balances and kids did their thing. (Note: You may click on the photos to see them in a larger view.) Here first is one darling on lookout – I might add […]

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Some Scenes From the Week

Here are a few scenes from this past week or so. First we have Miss Penelope doing yoga with mom, Amanda. Penelope thought Amanda needed a little more weight added to make the pose a touch more challenging. In a dark hall, in a land far, far […]

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Yoga in North Woods of Maine

Recently Sharon took fall hiking and camping trip in northern Maine – i.e. Baxter State Park – and here are a few shots that she has kindly shared with us. Much gratitude to her husband Mike for his excellent camera eye. (Note: To see s bigger version […]

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