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Our Steps Along the Path: Allegory & Horse Video

See how one horse’s venture into the unknown serves as the perfect allegory for our own steps along the path… Basically we have a hard time with the unfamiliar – new things do not always come easy for us. Even if it is something that we should […]

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Story: Perched High on a Ladder

This guest blog post comes to us from Teresa… Happy New Year!! Just wanted to share a little story. This New Year’s Eve I had the opportunity to work my part-time job: Balloon decorating. The job was at a fancy hotel in Washington D.C. One part of […]

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Video: Remarkable Case Study on Reincarnation

This case study critically examines one boy’s experience with memories from his past. Regardless of one’s belief system, this is an intriguing portrayal that offers convincing evidence regarding the phenomenon of reincarnation. This is a famous case that was reported on by many of the major news […]

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The Best Thing to Happen to Yoga in 2013

As I walked into the gym and began unloading my “stuff” in preparation for my regular Thursday noontime, corporate yoga class, there was a young guy – an employee of this tech company – casually shooting hoops. While I know many of the players at this firm, […]

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Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief (Follow-up)

Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief (Follow-up) Time: 4 min 25 sec On the 28th of October, I posted “Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief“. That particular post contained (1) a podcast to practice breathing techniques as well as (2) a write-up about […]

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Simplify Life: Recap

Yesterday, we held our seminar, “Simplify Life with the Ancient Codes of Yoga“, where we pursued an investigation of yama and niyama and applied that to daily living. A dry theoretical pursuit it was not as we addressed all kinds of life situations using the yogic codes […]

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Podcast: What To Know to Establish Your Yoga & Meditation Practice

Meditative Podcast: Mind & Practice – What to Know to Establish Your Yoga & Meditation Practice Time: 16 min 35 sec This meditative-cum-philosophical journey explores a key element toward establishing your yoga or meditation practice. So often we try to establish ourselves in our home practice yet […]

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My Black Bag

Last Friday I arrived at class and saw that it was not there – my famed black bag was not in my trunk. I searched throughout my car and my bag was nowhere. The time had come to begin class so there was no music in class […]

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Podcast: Samskara-Connection Meditation

Podcast: Samskara-Connection Meditation Time: 13 min 56 sec This meditation is all about connection. Being away of what keeps us connected as well as what keeps us from being connected. To this end, we also explore samskara theory. This is a very practical session for all seekers […]

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Lay’s Potato Chips and the Philosophy of Mind

You’re driving down the road, and you see one of those Lay’s Potato Chip delivery trucks. On the side of the truck it says, “…you can’t eat just one.” Do you reflect more deeply, or just move on to the next piece of external stimuli. Upon further […]

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