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Hot Drink Challenge: Feb ’18

Hot Drink Challenge: Feb ’18 Share with us your favorite recipes during this mid-winter month… Hopefully the worst of the cold, frigid weather is behind us. Nonetheless, February is a classic mid-winter month. While some of us go away to warm up, like my mom who is […]

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Peek into a Week of 2 Yoginis: Arts, Sprouts, & Kayaking

Life with 2 Yoginis: Arts, Sprouts, & Kayaks Two of our yoginis have been palling / paddling around together – see what they have been up to… Here is a photo journal summary of how two yoginis pass their week. First here we have a look at Jean’s […]

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Amrita Bars – Now Available!!

Now Offering Amrita Bars Free Samples in Class (while supplies last) Purchase Your Favorite Flavors $2.25 per bar or 2 for $4 ~ $2.50 for Chocolate Maca We are very pleased to announce that we are now carrying Amrita endurance bars. I have had many talks with Arshad […]

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Scenes From Fasting Challenge

It has been a joy hearing all your tales and engagements with the Fasting Challenge. Some fasting old-timers like Annie shared how they were easily able to get back in the saddle, and others like Merinda had spirited tales to tell – and then some. Another aspect […]

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Eating for Healing & Health

Eating for Healing & Health Sun, Nov 13, 2:30p – 5:30p Galesville Memorial Hall Register Now $45 by Nov 1; $50 by Nov 6; $55 after Nov 6 Join us for our 4th Eating Healthy seminar led by Bethanne & Kenny Kashkett. This great-tasting, foodie event focuses […]

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Abhinivesha: The Secret to Leaving Old Habits

Have you ever sworn yourself off of donuts, successfully driven by a donut shop, only to find yourself with a sticky, jelly donut in your hand 5 minutes later. Here the term donut refers to any life habit you had consciously decided to avoid but couldn’t. The […]

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Eating Healthy: A Winter’s Treat (Recap)

Well, once again, Bethanne and Kenny Kashkett came down and put on a wonderful and artful cooking demonstration filled with facts on nutrition, personal stories, and, of courts, tasty and savory dishes. This was our third Eating Healthy seminar and each one is a little different. After […]

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Eating Healthy: Summer’s Finest!!

Well, we had a wonderful Eating Healthy seminar yesterday. Our guide, Bethanne Kashkett, supported by her husband Kenny (shown here), led us through a tantalizing array of tasty recipes and healthy eating treats. We started off with a special green smoothie with blueberries to keep us cool […]

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Tasty Tales: Eating Healthy Seminar

We held our first-ever Eating Healthy seminar yesterday – and what a great success it was – all credit goes to our chef Bethanne Kashkett, her husband Kenny, and all of you who attended. Quite amazing – on a dreary, rainy Sunday – all 27 of our […]

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Refreshing Drink

Yesterday at a yoga outing, I learned of a refreshing drink. Sarah David (Mon Nite NECC) let me in on one of her tasty specials. And that is what I share with you today! Thanks Sarah! Cucumber Water: Fill a pitcher with water. Thinly slice 1/2 or […]

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