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Outdoor Yoga: Along the California Coast

Here Kristen kindly shares with us some shots from her recent venture to California – as part of our Outdoor Yoga Challenge (May ’14). First we see Kristen doing a beautiful version of natarajasana, or dancer pose. She is perfectly situated between earth and sky, and oh […]

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The Om Stone

Here below is the Om Stone, hand-carved with a hammer and chisel in New York Blue Stone by my brother Jeff – a master mason. The slab is 10 1/4″ wide x 15 3/4″ long x 2″ high and weighs 30lbs. Like all of Jeff’s stonework, it […]

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Warrrior III on Ice Skates During Arctic Vortex

Who says we’re all turning into weather wimps. Ok, ok, maybe I was a bit hunkered down during the cold spell, but I am proud to say that our practitioners were out and about doing the needful. Katy writes us: Here’s my mid-skate Warrior 3 thanks to […]

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Yoga in North Woods of Maine

Recently Sharon took fall hiking and camping trip in northern Maine – i.e. Baxter State Park – and here are a few shots that she has kindly shared with us. Much gratitude to her husband Mike for his excellent camera eye. (Note: To see s bigger version […]

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What a Wonderful World

Another must-see, awe-inspiring video.It does make one reflect upon our inherent connection with the natural world – and beyond. Wouldn’t it be nice if all ads were this sentient and pure? View this in FULL SCREEN MODE…

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Rooftop Revolution

Recently Annie, Kirk, Frannie and Chris embarked on this rooftop gardening expedition. Annie told us about it at last week’s herbal seminar and many expressed interest. So here is our report. This of course is Annie up on her roof – doing her gardening!!! Actually, recently Annie […]

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Sunrise in Spring

Is this not something that every human being can appreciate? A spring sunrise full of oranges,  yellows and the brightness of a new day. There are certain elements of nature that are just so universal – that touch everyone’s mind and heart. This great shot comes to […]

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The Blissful Arrival of Spring

Spring is upon us – it officially begins tomorrow, March 20. Though the weather has been quite springlike for some time now. One of the themes of spring is cleaning or purification. Often we do this with our doors and windows – the ol’ spring cleaning. Since […]

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Banyan Tree Metaphor

The banyan tree is commonly found in much of the Indian subcontinent. As such the yogis have given some great metaphorical teachings based on the unique structure of this most remarkable tree. First a few lines from Wikipedia: Older banyan trees are characterized by their aerial prop […]

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Welcome Our New Trees

Today we planted two trees at the waterfront park in Galesville. And what a morning it was for a planting – brilliant sunshine and crystal clear vistas. So what exactly did we plant? A river birch and a black tupelo gum tree. They both look healthy and […]

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