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Ice-skating Yoga: Side Plank

Ice-skating Yoga: Side Plank There are lots of ways to get through an extreme cold spell!! Here is Tree keeping warm during the frigid temps by lacing up her skates, cutting the ice, and doing side plank on a snow-covered lake!!! More Outdoor Yoga Scenes in the […]

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Yogis in the Redwoods

Yogis in the Redwoods A few of our famous practitioners have journeyed to the land of the big trees… Part of the beauty of this photo is that it helps us remember that we may not always be as big as we think. Instead of tightly gripping […]

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Outdoor Yoga at St. Johns with Special Guest

Outdoor Yoga at St. Johns with Special Guest Had a wonderful session of outdoor yoga and right in the middle we had a welcomed, but unexpected, guest… On Saturday (23 Sep 2017) I went up to St. John’s College for what was initially going to be an […]

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Their Rainbow Will Come

Their Rainbow Will Come The dramatic and diverse expressions – are beyond expression… As we awaken to an unspeakably, powerful hurricane whipping across the island of Puerto Rico and the terrible earthquake that rocked Mexico City, an altogether different sight took shape in the sky before last […]

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The Eclipse – Another Perspective

The Eclipse – Another Perspective The earlier eclipse blog post (link appended below) looked upwards, here the gaze is towards the ground…catching the shadows of the 80% eclipse. Mary Stuart sends us these very artistic photos from around her house during the eclipse. She says her cat […]

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Ecplise: Totality in Tennessee

Ecplise: Totality in Tennessee Sharon & Mike traveled to Tennessee to witness the eclipse in totality, and they were kind enough to share these phenomenal, awe-inspiring photos with us… Just an amazing series of shots. Nice camera-work and well-done on getting yourselves in peak position…

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Osprey Nest on South River

Osprey Nest on South River As part of the Photo Challenge, we get this great nature shot of an osprey nest featuring a mother and young’un… Greg writes us: I was kayaking on the South River with my camera up to an Osprey nest. Being quiet I […]

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Sculpture Lady & Yoginii in the Trees

Sculpture Lady & Yoginii in the Trees Here we have two entities spreading the message of peace and good will throughout the forest and across the lands of all beings… Katy writes us: We thought of RenYoga at this neat sculpture garden outside of Buffalo [NY]!   […]

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Nature’s Power: lightening on the river

Nature’s Power: lightening on the river Here is a look at the sheer, awesome, raw power of nature…. Although we are part and parcel of the natural world, our real strength lies not in physicality but in our psychic, moral, and spiritual progress. As human beings, that […]

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Three Trees on Buddha Beach + Sedona Video

Three Trees on Buddha Beach + Sedona Video For this month’s Photo Challenge, we received this shot of outdoor yoga in Sedona, Arizona. Check out the short documentary video on Sedona as well… Sarah writes: It’s called Buddha Beach in Sedona AZ. Gorgeous here!! Short Documentary on Sedona […]

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