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Classical Indian Drumming

Classical Indian Drumming These two phenomenal percussionists are playing the mrdangum and the tabla. One other interesting point is that in India, students of music are right taught to “sing” the instrument before learning to play it. The idea being this helps the student internalize the process. […]

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Musical Sounds from Water Glasses

Musical Sounds from Water Glasses Those who come to my classes know that on occasion I am prone to bringing out my singing bowl collection. What these guys are doing here is something on an entirely different plane… This street performer in Prague has taken the typical glass of […]

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Music Challenge: Feb 2016

The Music Challenge All month long, share “yoga / meditative” music that stirs the soul and inspires… – Overview For the 29 days of February 2016 – this is a leap year – we will be featuring the Music Challenge. This is an occasion to share, post, email or […]

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Singing Bowls with Vocals by Angie

Podcast: Singing bowls with vocals by Angie Hunter Time: 18 min 18 sec While we have been using singing bowls and chimes in relaxation and meditation sessions, this is our initial “go” with a vocal accompaniment. I approached Angie about this as I had heard about her […]

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Music Seminar Recap – Audio File

Wonderful to have everyone out for yesterday’s Music, Movement, & Meditation seminar. With Anthony Malatesta’s intuitive and dynamic music – playing his guitar in the style of a sitar (podcast below) – all gained opportunity to experience their practice in a new way. The afternoon featured yoga […]

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Music, Mov’t, & Meditation Recap +Audio

We had a wonderful turnout for today’s Music, Movement and Meditation seminar. Together with Anthony the whole afternoon played out beautifully. We combined contemplative endeavors like yoga nidra, deep breathing, pranayama and meditation along with periods of gentle, flowing movement & restorative positions – all done to […]

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From the Top of the Cliff

The above musical composition and video was tweeted to me this afternoon from J.M. Quintana Cámara of Spain. He has his first album coming out and thought our yoga community might enjoy this piece. We thank him wholeheartedly for sharing his gift and wish him well on […]

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Kanjira Solo

The east and west certainly did develop differently and this contrast is most stark when comparing India and the US. Now trends and ideas are mixing more freely between the two, but for centuries and centuries the outlook was incredibly different and this applied to the world […]

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Turf Feinz: Breaking Down Walls

These guys are known as Turf Feinz (Oakland, CA) – a neighborhood group trying to make a difference in their area. We all know the scene: They’re surrounded by varieties of difficulties that can plague inner city life. Yet here, instead of giving in or giving up, […]

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Live Sitar: Sun Oct 24!!

Live Sitar & Yoga Sun Oct 24, 2p – 4p Galesville Memorial Hall $20 by Oct 20 // $25 after Oct 20 Read More ~ Register Now

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