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Personal Story Challenge

Learning with Mom – 2 Things

As part of our personal story challenge, here is a recent lesson learned – from mom of course. She arrived Tuesday afternoon and by that evening we had covered numerous topics – including my faltering eyesight. I had told her that it seemed like over the last 6 months or […]

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The (not so) Sweet Life?

As part of this month’s “Personal Story Challenge”, this following story comes to us from Annie J: When I was about ten, my family was on vacation in the Adirondacks. Dinners were served, family-style, in a large dining hall, and milk or water was the beverage offered. One […]

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2 Short Stories: Signs to D.C. & Hot Chapatis

For this month’s Personal Story Challenge, I share two short tales on the lighter side of life. Back in 1997, when I moved back east, I drove my ’78 Toyota pick-up across the country with a friend. I had been living up and down the west coast for several […]

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