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“What the Health” & “Cowspiracy”: Food & Its Effect

“What the Health” & “Cowspiracy”: Food & Its Effect Here are two important documentaries that examine the behind the scenes story of the typical American diet. “What the Health” From the makers of “Cowspiracy” (below) comes another informative film on human health and survival. For those looking to […]

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Harvard Study: Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Here is a very interesting report just released by Harvard scientists and doctors about the benefits of yoga. Important: Do not let the image dissuade you from watching this video. They are primarily talking about the brain and stress reduction – not doing fancy poses. Two points […]

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Your Story: Yoga As A Cure or Remedy

Noted below is one man’s story how he avoided major, major back surgery by taking up the practice of yoga. While there is certainly a time and place for traditional medical intervention, many are finding that yoga helps relieve and even cure them of both minor and […]

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