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Yogi Hiker Soloing The Whites of New Hampshire

Over the years, we’ve had some awesome photos from some of our inspired yogi hikers. Here is a recent one of the Johnson clan. This summer we have also had a fearless soloist with a fairly unique story… Here we have Nancy – no longer only famous […]

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Scenes From Fasting Challenge

It has been a joy hearing all your tales and engagements with the Fasting Challenge. Some fasting old-timers like Annie shared how they were easily able to get back in the saddle, and others like Merinda had spirited tales to tell – and then some. Another aspect […]

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Gravity Glue: The Art of Rock Balancing

In the spirit of last month’s Self-Expression Challenge, here is a unique piece on balancing that comes to us by way of our good friend Lori in PA… For more information and to see great photos check out his site…

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Pennie’s Place: Orchid Haven

As we embark on our Self-Expression Challenge (Mar 2014), we share with you a few gorgeous scenes from Pennie’s orchid haven where she has 70+ potted orchids. All are meticulously cared for and nurtured, and the result is a stunning display of  shapes, colors, markings, patterns, and […]

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Self-Expression Challenge: Mar 2014

Yoga is all about the fullest and most subtle expression of human life. That is why the proponents of yoga have long advocated the arts, the creative process, analysis, dance, drama, literary endeavors, and all forms of human expression that help guide the mind in a sentient […]

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Scenes From the Arm Balance Challenge

Writing the title for this post I felt a bit odd, even uncomfortable. Each month we hold a monthly challenge and the idea is simply to overcome all kinds of staticity in life. We should be on the move and not give way to any type of […]

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Video: Sam’s Philosophy on Life

Sam Berns led a dynamic and courageous life – all the while encumbered by a rare disease known as progeria which causes premature aging. But don’t think he lived a life of suffering – never. Here below Sam shares with us his philosophy on life. (Note: Sam […]

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Story: Perched High on a Ladder

This guest blog post comes to us from Teresa… Happy New Year!! Just wanted to share a little story. This New Year’s Eve I had the opportunity to work my part-time job: Balloon decorating. The job was at a fancy hotel in Washington D.C. One part of […]

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Why Meditation Is So Empowering

As we enter week #3 of our Meditation Challenge (Aug 15 – 21), it is time again to reflect on why we meditate and why it is so important. There are a number of ways to address this, but perhaps the most significant is that meditation is […]

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Week #2: Meditation Challenge (Aug 8 – 14)

Welcome to week #2 of the Meditation Challenge! Week #1 was quite the start; many shared their experiences, challenges, insights, and successes. It was really wonderful to hear from everyone. While we get going into week #2, we want to do all we can to keep the […]

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