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The New York Times Just Validated Our Abs Class

The New York Times Just Validated Our Abs Class Vindication at last, our Abs class was just rated tops in the country by the New York Times – well not really, but I feel certain had they attended we would have been up there.  I’ll be the […]

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Bay Weekly Feature – Giving

Bay Weekly’s Guide to Giving to the Generous The Bay Weekly asked a number of holistic practitioners what type of gift they would want – my reply is below… Many thanks to The Bay Weekly & Sandra Olivetti-Martin for including me in this survey. These days gifting has […]

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Podcast: “Shine Your Life” – a story of Afghan schoolgirls

Podcast: “Shine Your Life” – a story of Afghan schoolgirls Time: 7 min 15 sec Here we meet a group of Afghan schoolgirls who are thriving in the face of harsh opposition, oppression, and exploitation. Here are some reflections on the recent NPR rebroadcast (11/10/16) of a piece […]

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The Soccer of My Youth, Yoga, and the FIFA Scandal

Youth soccer was just getting going in the early to mid-1970’s in New Rochelle, N.Y. As I recall, in 3rd grade there were only 4 teams, with names as simple as blue, red, green and yellow. Or something like that. But it did not remain that way […]

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Renaissance Yoga Featured in PR Web Video

Here we are featured in this just-released (as in today), “hot-off-the-press” video put out by PR Web, a division of Vocus. Together Vocus and PR Web offer business marketing suites and press release services for small (& large) businesses. Plus they run a great daily blog with […]

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Pier Review: TV Interview w/ Wendy Rieger NBC-4

Wendy Rieger, the news anchor of NBC-4, approached me for an interview for her new show, “Pier Review”, in early September. So one morning we sat and talked on her pier and she also came to a class and filmed. That interview began airing (Oct 27, 2010) […]

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On TV This Week!!

Ok, this is it – we should be on TV this week!! As many of you know, Wendy Rieger (NBC4 Anchor, Washington DC) has started a new show called “Pier Review”. Renaissance Yoga was the first subject for this upcoming series which is due to start airing […]

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An Interesting Week…(Cont)

Well, to continue with our interesting week – it kinda goes like this. Wendy Rieger, the news anchor of NBC (Washington DC), was due to come to our 6p class this past Wednesday to get some video for a story she is doing on Renaissance Yoga. Well, […]

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Article in Chesapeake Current

On July 11, 2010 we held a Live Sitar and Yoga program at Galesville Memorial Hall. The Chesapeake Current was on hand and they wrote this wonderful article about the program that appeared in today’s edition. ==> Click here to read it on-line… (hint scroll to page […]

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Live Sitar & Yoga: Great Event

Yesterday was our Live Sitar and Yoga program – we had a full house (23 participants) – thanks to all who came! Anthony Malatesta played the sitar beautifully and via those soothing & mystical sounds, we ventured into yoga’s more meditative side. Yes we did a range […]

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