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Health and Hygiene

Following Dr’s Orders – Strictly

When post-op for a meniscus (knee) repair one must follow the doctor’s orders very strictly. The surgeon gave the instruction to keep the leg elevated – and Kirk is doing just that, albeit in revolved half-moon with a staff! The surgery was Friday, i.e. a mere 4 […]

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Fasting Challenge: April 2014

April is upon us and with it – The Fasting Challenge. Here we are going to embrace fasting in the broadest sense of the term. By replacing certain food choices for healthier ones, we aim to make the body & mind cleaner, lighter, and more pure. So […]

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Student Spotlight: Liz

Here following we feature Liz in the latest in our student spotlight series. To date most of the Student Spotlights have been podcasts, This is different as I asked Liz if she was interested in writing a guest blog post about her experiences – and the project […]

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Veggie Challenge Videos

Here is a selection of videos that you may find helpful in advancing your course on this month’s Veggie Challenge. One film not mentioned below but highlighted earlier on this blog is Forks Over Knives, which is a highly compelling and extremely informative piece – and I […]

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The Veggie Challenge: Oct 2013

The month of October marks our Veggie Challenge. It’s easy and healthy too…and like all our monthly challenges it can be tailored to your living needs. We all know fruits and vegetables are good for us. And diet is such an aspect of life that can always […]

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Day 12 After Hip Replacement Surgery

Ahhhh – a day in the life of hip-replacement surgery and recovery. Here is Ms Annie (left) along with her cousin, Lisa, doing Warrior III in tandem, just 12 days after her procedure. The new hip is the one that is going way back, parallel to the […]

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A Critical Issue: GMO’s

Like most, I am interested in being healthy and living on a healthy planet. Some of the basics of this include clean air, pure water, and nutritious food. A hotly-debated issue these days – and one we’ve raised in classes over the past week or so – […]

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Healthy Eating Tips: Feel Full on Less

We all know that eating a balanced diet, not over-eating, and keeping a light stomach allow us to feel better. That is no secret. The secret lies in figuring out how to achieve this. A light stomach for yoga is extremely beneficial. It brings flexibility, strength, as […]

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Beyond Meat

A Maryland Original!! Here is the story of a native Marylander who grew up on your run-of-the-mill animal farm near the PA border, and now does his own new kind of farming: Fake Chicken. I heard the story Thursday morning on NPR and share it with you […]

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What is Haritaki

Last week in various classes I was asking around to see if anyone was familiar with myrobalan. Some had heard of it – most not. So here is that promised blog post. In India, myrobalan is also called haritaki. Hari means “that which steals” and taki means […]

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