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44 lbs of Spirulina – In Case You Were Curious

44 lbs of Spirulina – In Case You Were Curious + Video About EarthRise Spirulina Here is what 20kg (44lbs) of spirulina looks like!! Just in case you were curious… Here are the wonderful benefits of EarthRise bulk spirulina: (a) It is much fresher than the pre-packaged […]

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Spirulina in Bulk – Great Pricing!!

Spirulina Powder in Bulk $12 per 1/2 lb bag // $20 per 1 lb bag Ordering & Payment Info Below We will be carrying bulk spirulina, a veritable “superfood”, widely used in ayurveda and in the west to maintain health, prevent disease, and cure ailments… Our Packaging: […]

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Airplane Food Ain’t What It Used to Be – Thankfully!

Airplane Food Ain’t What It Used to Be – Thankfully! The array of vegan, vegetarian, and sattvika (sentient) menu offerings is quite remarkable…. In the last 25 years, the world has become much more vegan / vegetarian friendly. For those interested in a plant-based diet, the availability […]

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“What the Health” & “Cowspiracy”: Food & Its Effect

“What the Health” & “Cowspiracy”: Food & Its Effect Here are two important documentaries that examine the behind the scenes story of the typical American diet. “What the Health” From the makers of “Cowspiracy” (below) comes another informative film on human health and survival. For those looking to […]

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Tips for Safe, Healthy Sprouting

Healthy Sprouting Tips The benefits of sprouting are well-known (see chart down below). They are nutrient-dense foods that are excellent for human health. Now and again, we hear in the news safety concerns about sprouts. Those mostly apply to store-bought sprouts. We strongly advocate growing our own sprouts. If you […]

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Healthy Snack Options (Your Offerings)

Healthy Snack Options April 2017 is the Snack Challenge, and here is a listing of healthy snacks that folks are sharing….Send us yours #1: Mara writes us: (a) Toasted Ezekiel bread with almond butter (or any nut butter) and drizzled honey. (b) Raw almonds:  Sometimes mixed with […]

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Case Study: 102 Yr Old Dr. Reveals Secret to Long Life

Case Study: Dr. Reveals Secret to Long Life He was still performing heart surgery at the age of 95, then decided to retire as it was a nice round number. Naturally National Geographic took interest. Now follow his journey to the age of 98, 102 and beyond… And […]

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Video: Special Turmeric Hot Drink

Video: Special Turmeric Hot Drink This homemade beverage contains anti-inflammatory and blood-cleansing agents like turmeric, ginger and more… This recipe comes to us by way of Debbie (Tues, Thurs, Fri am classes). She has been having this every evening of late and has found it to be beneficial. Turmeric […]

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The Nutrition Rainbow

The Nutrition Rainbow How vegetables, by color, offer cancer fighting properties… Click image to view or download PDF version Courtesy of PCRM and Food for Life

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Organic Sprouting Seeds Are In!!

Organic Sprouting Seeds We now have organic sprouting seeds available at most classes… The Sprouting Challenge proved to be quite popular. Many purchased sprouting jars and I know a number of you jumped right into growing your own sprouts. Beans and legumes (lentils, garbanzo beans, etc) are […]

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