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Festivals / Holidays

The Om Stone

Here below is the Om Stone, hand-carved with a hammer and chisel in New York Blue Stone by my brother Jeff – a master mason. The slab is 10 1/4″ wide x 15 3/4″ long x 2″ high and weighs 30lbs. Like all of Jeff’s stonework, it […]

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Videos: Halloween Yoga 2013

We had a grand, grand Halloween Yoga gathering this year with 30 participants in costume!! Here are a few short videos – ranging from 30 seconds to 3 seconds in length – of this year’s practice. You may see all the Halloween photos here. This first video […]

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Halloween Yoga – Wed Oct 30 at 7:15pm

Our 7th Annual Yoga Halloween Gathering Wed, Oct 30, 7:15 pm Galesville Memorial Hall FREE to All in Costume Refreshments Served Update 10/14/13: This year the yoga session will be co-led by Kate & Satyam – both of whom are getting their costumes ready!! This has always […]

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Halloween Yoga Pics

Here are photos from our 2012 Halloween Yoga gathering that is free to all in costume. No doubt this year’s gathering was smaller than in recent years – the Hurricane and coinciding with the actual Halloween day probably had something to do with that. Still we had […]

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National Yoga Month: Sep 2012

September is National Yoga Month and once again we will be celebrating this great occasion – all-month-long! There will be free classes for your family members and friends; and, we will be holding our annual, free yoga raffle as well. Here are the details… 1) Bring any […]

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Mother’s Day Thoughts

Happy Mother’s Day!! Well this is indeed a special day of the year, and here I wish to share a few reflections. I knew the day was upon us and in the past two weeks I brought the matter up in classes – now and again – […]

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Blissful Full Moon

On the occasion of this full moon, here is a special message shared in the honor of the many great sages that have taken birth on this occasion. “…You have been blessed with human life. You must make it meaningful by your sadhana (meditation), service, and sacrifice. […]

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Holiday Gifts by Renaissance Yoga

This year we have all kinds of gifts for you to share with friends a family…Let us know how we can help you!! NEW!! Renaissance Yoga “Red-Neck” Tea Cups: $14 Embroidered Renaissance Yoga Sweatshirts: $40 women’s, $42 men’s. Renaissance Yoga Stainless Steel Thermal Mug: $15 Renaissance Yoga […]

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!! What did you do? How did you celebrate this wonderful occasion? Last year, mom and I went on this great hike at Jug Bay. This year we talked by phone as she at 81.5 yrs of age prepares to fly to China this Tuesday […]

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In Honor of Dr Martin Luther King Jr

The Reverend Dr Martin Luther King (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was assassinated nearly 43 years ago yet today we commemorate his birth, his life, and his message that all may live peacefully and with dignity on this earth. This below excerpt from the last […]

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