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Yoga at National X-C Camp at Naval Academy: 4th of July Session

Celebrated yet another 4th of July leading a yoga session for the National Cross Country Camp for high school runners at the Naval Academy. This year was a particularly good group of 118+ teenagers (or more!) – who hailed from around the country. They were extremely focused […]

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Yoga Day At Chesapeake Montessori

One of our longtime yoga moms – Sarah – invited our yoga instructor, Kate Spano, to lead some yoga sessions at the Montessori school that her children, Ellie & Evan, attend. Here below are a few photos from this event as well as Sarah’s account of the […]

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Eating for Healing & Health: Recap

Well, Bethanne & Kenny did it again! Today we held our 4th ever Eating Healthy seminar and it was a smashing, sumptuous success. We had a full house (18) for the event – a mix of Renaissance Yoga yoginis and Bethanne groupies. The seminar was  smooth & […]

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Great Session in College Park

Had a great session this afternoon with the U of Md Track and Field / X-C teams in the Comcast Center. Our space was filled with 75+ athletes: runners, throwers, sprinters, hurlers & more. Everyone did a superb job of following the program & we got great […]

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September is National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month – yet another great reason to do yoga, celebrate, and offer some specials!! Here is what we’ve got going this year: Sep 1 – Sep 7: Bring a friend free to any class! (Note: A friend here means someone who has never […]

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Eco Yoga Day Recap

Today’s Eco Yoga Day was definitely a look into the future – as well as a way to practically address the present. Karen McDonald of SERC (Smithsonian Environmental Research Institute) did a wonderful job of drawing us into the world of biomimcry. As Karen explained, bio means […]

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Yoga Anatomy: Back & Hips Review

We held our first ever Yoga Anatomy seminar yesterday and it was packed with information, movement, questions, and active engagement. We had a full-house with 29 participants, 2 videographers, and 2 presenters –  Shawn C. O’Neill DPT and myself. After a short welcoming message and a brief […]

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Eating Healthy: Summer’s Finest!!

Well, we had a wonderful Eating Healthy seminar yesterday. Our guide, Bethanne Kashkett, supported by her husband Kenny (shown here), led us through a tantalizing array of tasty recipes and healthy eating treats. We started off with a special green smoothie with blueberries to keep us cool […]

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Free Yoga This Fri: Jun 4 @ 7pm

Free Yoga Class!! ~ All Are Welcome!! Fri, Jun 4 @ 7pm Unitarian Universalist Church 333 Dubois Rd, Annapolis Get Directions Absolutely all are welcome at this free yoga event this coming Friday. The style will be slow & gentle (with maybe a challenge here & there!) […]

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Eco Yoga Day: Buildings & Bees!

Eco Yoga Day was a big hit, with both humans and bees. We learned about bees, tasted their wonderful honey, and in turn our friends the bees got new homes. See two of the finest shown here. Our yoga practice segued into an Eco think tank led […]

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