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Baby Yoga

Yoga with her babies

Yoga with her babies With this three-year-old, clearly “playing with dolls” has taken on a whole new meaning. Mom Amanda writes us: She arranged them herself. Clearly class is starting to rub off on her. Above is Penelope, who has been a regular in our Saturday morning […]

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How To Do Happy Baby Pose

Authentic Demo: Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana) As we move onwards in our Photo Challenge, we received this great shot of Olivia doing her finest rendition of “Happy Baby Pose.” She is also looking directly at you as if to say, “Well what are you waiting for – […]

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The Yoga Connection: Cool Grandma’s & Their Young’uns

Wanna be a cool grandma / grandpa – do yoga! That is the trend these days – just see! Actually we have a lot of “hip” grandparents in class these days. These grandmas and grandpas bear no resemblance to the grandparents I had as a kid. This […]

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Olivia Has Arrived + More

Note: More photos were added to this post on Wed Dec 10 – see below. Merinda’s grandchild – Olivia – was born last Monday evening (Dec 1) – and these photos are from when she was a mere two or three days old. We are desperately trying […]

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Mama & Me Yoga: Perfect Shavasana

Here we have Mama C and Baby Pearl (11 weeks) practicing the ultimate in shavasana (corpse pose). One of the aspects of shavasana is surrendering unto a greater base (a’dha’ra) in life. Pearl has full and implicit faith in her base, i.e. mama. Similarly mom also seems […]

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Baby Yoga: Luke in L-Shaped Handstand

It is truly hard to conceive how a 20-month-old could support himself on his arms in L-shaped handstand. Check out what boy-wonder Luke is up to in these photos. Also give credit where credit is due for that faceplant (lower left) – oh wait a sec, there […]

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Growing Yoga Family

Reza (you have to see his skydiving video) and Monaca (see 2nd photo of this post) are Saturday regulars. And in the last 19 months they have had two children – both girls, Ameila & Sophia. Both of whom attended dozens and dozens of yoga classes while […]

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Yoga with My Mom

On Saturday we had a community of young ones in class. Moms did lunges and arm balances and kids did their thing. (Note: You may click on the photos to see them in a larger view.) Here first is one darling on lookout – I might add […]

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Some Scenes From the Week

Here are a few scenes from this past week or so. First we have Miss Penelope doing yoga with mom, Amanda. Penelope thought Amanda needed a little more weight added to make the pose a touch more challenging. In a dark hall, in a land far, far […]

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Frog Pose: My Favorite For Sleeping

What is your favorite pose for sleeping in? If you are a practitioner of yoga, the answer should be none – not even shavasana. Yoga nidra and deep repose are different from sleeping. To get maximum benefit of any pose, one should not fall asleep in that […]

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