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Liam Reunion & Graduation

Liam Reunion & Graduation Here are scenes from Liam’s graduation ceremony from hearing dog school in Florida, including his sweet, yet brief, reunion with Tina before heading off towards his new life with Butch & Laurel as a certified service dog. Part I: Driving Down & Reunion […]

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Received Like Royalty

A Real Royal Reception Before I could even get out of the car, they would come running from all corners to greet me… The yogis say that name and fame are like poison and should be avoided. That’s a good thing for me because quite frankly that […]

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Pup Swimming the Bay

Pup Swimming the Bay After taking a few laps in the bay, Nitro is drying off… As part of the 2017 August Photo Challenge (1 day early!) we receive this shot… Nitro tell us: Enjoying the bay!  

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Liam on the 4th!! Nearing Graduation

Liam on the 4th!! Nearing Graduation Great shot of Liam here with his yellow lab buddies as they bask in the spirit of summer.  Tina writes: I just found this picture of Liam!  Can’t miss him in this picture!  This was taken for the 4th of July! […]

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Why Our Pup had Surgery this Weekend

Why Our Pup had Surgery this Weekend Here is the play-by-play why our 5-month old service pup, Nitro, had to have emergency surgery to start the 4th of July weekend…. Scene #1: After a Night on the Town “Mom, I ain’t feelin’ too good” Scene #2: Examining […]

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Where’s Nitro? Why Wrestling Cats, of course

Where’s Nitro? Why Wrestling Cats, of course Although Nitro (our resident service pup) remains docked from yoga till he gains a bit more independence, here is a look at what he is up to these days… Look forward to seeing you soon Nitro…  

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Elephant Video: Helping One in Need

Elephant Video: Helping One in Need Every once in a while we all need a little well-timed push from behind… Reflection As is probably well apparent, there are a few things striking about the video. (a) Firstly, how hard the baby elephant tries to get out of […]

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Crate Yoga to Perfection & Cat Wrestling

Crate Yoga to Perfection Here is young Nitro doing his best version of yoga nidra in class today…also check out how he rests and home and videos of Nitro’s cat wrestling program!! Our new service pup in training, Nitro, started attending full classes two weeks ago. He has […]

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Yoga With Cats: A Photo Journal

Yoga with Cats: A Photo Journal Here is a look at Jaya’s well-attended fundraiser for the SPCA last Sunday at Galesville Hall. In total they raised over $700!!  

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Meet Nitro – Our New Service Pup

Meet Nitro At 8 weeks, Nitro is the new service pup in training under Tina’s care. He took the red-eye from LA and arrived yesterday morning. Let’s give him a warm welcome to our RenYoga community. Once he gets acclimated we expect Nitro to be a regular presence in our […]

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