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Our Steps Along the Path: Allegory & Horse Video

See how one horse’s venture into the unknown serves as the perfect allegory for our own steps along the path… Basically we have a hard time with the unfamiliar – new things do not always come easy for us. Even if it is something that we should […]

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My You Have Grown

The yogis view growth as an essential aspect of life – because if we are not growing, then we are moving in the opposite direction, since over the course of time nothing can remain the same. Thus, growth is essential. Growth occurs in all sorts of ways: […]

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Koko (The Gorilla) & Robin Williams

This video (2001) is meaningful on any number of levels…. Is this not a tribute to life itself and a reminder how with a little communication and compassion even the seemingly impossible is easily attained. Your thoughts are welcomed… From The Gorilla Foundation: August 11, 2014 In 2001, […]

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This Orderly Universe

Every so often life just seems absolutely chaotic – without any rhyme or reason, as if this universe is utterly lacking any semblance of propriety and order. In such instances, just consider this… Nestled within the chaos there is symmetry – embedded within the noise there is silence […]

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Video: Monkeys Demand Fairness

Even monkeys know that there should be justice in this world…. …and when we come across injustice we ought to rattle the cage and set things straight. Isn’t that how it should go? The call for justice is indeed a universal human tenet. And justice is only […]

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Video: Chimp feeds Baby Tiger

The still shot of this was so popular on our Facebook page that I figured it would be of interest to post this video as well… This is a clear-cut case how those animals with a more developed “I-feeling” have the capacity to help and serve others. […]

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Everyone Has A Song to Sing

In this magnanimous universe, each and every entity has their own unique song: birds, crocodiles, swans, loons, folk singers – everyone has their verse, including Cadie. Depicted above is our illustrious yogini Ms Frannie relaxing on her couch as she presents her expert harmonica playing. Never one […]

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Fancy Footwork

Here is a display of balance and counter-balance that is very helpful for anyone on the path of yoga. In particular, key in to the footwork – it is an art form…

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Rescuing Dolphins: A Video

As human beings we have a reflected consciousness which gives us the ability to help others (other creatures) in all kinds of ways. That and compassion are two of our greatest qualities. These should be cultivated more and more… It is a mystery why 30 dolphins grounded […]

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They Like Music Too

Each and every being is attracted toward a more subtle vibration. This brings feelings of joy, peace and contentment. This is a universal attraction for all – to find a more refined flow in life. While no doubt we can get caught up in more crude endeavors […]

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