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Meet Oscar….

Meet Oscar A 4 1/2 foot tall blue heron who celebrates each morning in the same way… For the second year running, one of our yoginis went to Florida to visit her cousin and returned with tales about Oscar. And each year I spent a week thereafter […]

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Yoga with Cats: Sun Feb 25 at 1p

Yoga with Cats: Sun Feb 25 at 1p, Galesville Hall Jaya is once again hosting this Feline Friendly event where you come and do yoga (cats provided!!) Come out for “Yoga with Cats” and support our local SPCA of Anne Arundel County! Enjoy a gentle yoga class with […]

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Nitro “Overseeing” Inversions (kind of)

Nitro “Overseeing” Inversions (kind of) Nitro is in training & doing great, however we might not recommend him to spot anyone learning inversions….not just yet anyway… The following scene occurred this past Thursday (1/25/18), which is just a week or so beyond Nitro’s first birthday. Just as […]

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Baking Bread & Other Weekend Events

Baking Bread & Other Weekend Events Here is a potpourri of weekend happenings…. Stunning Loaves Let’s just be blunt here…if I could bake bread like this I would quit teaching yoga!! Jeannie writes us: I learned how to make artisanal sourdough bread from Jeanette Warne, who bakes […]

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Nitro: (Back) on the Path of Yoga

Nitro: (Back) on the Path of Yoga So Nitro “officially” ended his yoga hiatus (for maturity purposes) and has started to coming to class for real. His first day back was Thursday, Nov 30. Here are a few photos of Nitro from Tues Dec 5 at the […]

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Video: End of Year Goal

Video: End of Year Goal Life should not be a goalless voyage. With the end of the year in sight, mastering this below pose before the start of 2018 seems like an appropriate goal…Happy Practicing!! \Kindly send us video footage of your first 5 or 6 attempts…. […]

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Dancing Under the Full Moon

Dancing Under the Full Moon Despite the glaring challenges & difficulties, when the full moon shines my heart just sings with joy, hope, & optimism… Admittedly, it was a rough week: A horrific mass shooting, threats of nuclear war, subpar disaster relief in the wake of hurricane […]

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Outdoor Yoga at St. Johns with Special Guest

Outdoor Yoga at St. Johns with Special Guest Had a wonderful session of outdoor yoga and right in the middle we had a welcomed, but unexpected, guest… On Saturday (23 Sep 2017) I went up to St. John’s College for what was initially going to be an […]

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Video: Monkey Saves Electrocuted Friend

Video: Monkey Saves Electrocuted Friend Here is remarkable footage of one monkey reviving his fallen companion. Through hard efforts and applying various techniques, including a classic first-aid maneuver, the monkey gets success. (Note: Some may find parts of the video disturbing but ultimately it has a positive outcome.)  […]

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Liam Reunion & Graduation

Liam Reunion & Graduation Here are scenes from Liam’s graduation ceremony from hearing dog school in Florida, including his sweet, yet brief, reunion with Tina before heading off towards his new life with Butch & Laurel as a certified service dog. Part I: Driving Down & Reunion […]

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