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A Day in the Life

This Orderly Universe

Every so often life just seems absolutely chaotic¬†- without any rhyme or reason, as if this universe is utterly lacking any semblance of propriety and order. In such instances, just consider this… Nestled within the chaos there is symmetry – embedded within the noise there is silence […]

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Warrrior III on Ice Skates During Arctic Vortex

Who says we’re all turning into weather wimps. Ok, ok, maybe I was a bit hunkered down during the cold spell, but I am proud to say that our practitioners were out and about doing the needful. Katy writes us: Here’s my mid-skate Warrior 3 thanks to […]

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Story: Perched High on a Ladder

This guest blog post comes to us from Teresa… Happy New Year!! Just wanted to share a little story. This New Year’s Eve I had the opportunity to work my part-time job: Balloon decorating. The job was at a fancy hotel in Washington D.C. One part of […]

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The Best Thing to Happen to Yoga in 2013

As I walked into the gym and began unloading my “stuff” in preparation for my regular Thursday noontime, corporate yoga class, there was a young guy – an employee of this tech company – casually shooting hoops. While I know many of the players at this firm, […]

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Yoga: U of MD Track & Field

Always great to be on campus (Comcast Center, College Park) and do a training session with the highly-skilled student athletes of the University of Maryland Track and Field team. In total, we had 50 – 55+ for today’s session. Many thanks to Coach Danielle Siebert and Head […]

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My Black Bag

Last Friday I arrived at class and saw that it was not there – my famed black bag was not in my trunk. I searched throughout my car and my bag was nowhere. The time had come to begin class so there was no music in class […]

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Spring: How Are You Expending Your Energy

Today in class two of our very regular, and well-practiced yoginis – who shall remain nameless(!) – fell asleep in shavasana and did not rise for seated meditation at the end of class – or at least it took them a bit more time to sit up. […]

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Week in Review

So where are we now – aaahhh yes – the beginning of November. And what a transition to November we had! Didn’t grandma, or some great sage, warn us about this. Well, we made it through hurricane Sandy rather well – or perhaps I should say: She […]

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Ashleigh’s Baby: Eliza Jane b. 4/23/11

Congratulations to Ashleigh and Matt on the arrival of Eliza Jane on Saturday, Apr 23 at 3:09 pm. Here is what Ashleigh writes: I just wanted to let you know that Eliza made her appearance yesterday [Sat, Apr 23] at 3:09pm. Weighing in at 7.0 lbs and […]

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Trip to NY: Alarming Tour

When I went out to my car – it was still dark outside – I started to pull out of the driveway and noticed that the interior light was on in mom’s car. It was 6:30 in the morning; I was running a touch late on my […]

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