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Nitro: (Back) on the Path of Yoga

Nitro: (Back) on the Path of Yoga So Nitro “officially” ended his yoga hiatus (for maturity purposes) and has started to coming to class for real. His first day back was Thursday, Nov 30. Here are a few photos of Nitro from Tues Dec 5 at the […]

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UPDATED==>> Snow Cancellation – Sat Dec 9

“My Bad” It is now 2p on Sat Dec 9 and it is abundantly evident that we could have held class this morning – “my bad”, as they say… But just to make the point perfectly clear, here is a photo someone sent me of Galesville Hall. […]

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Jaya’s Maiden Voyage to NYC

Jaya’s Maiden Voyage to NYC Here is Jaya being an active participant in NYC street life. This is day one of her first visit ever to NYC (12/4/17)…I say that she is more than holding her own in the Big Apple!! Jaya writes us: Some shots from […]

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Podcast: A Tale of Exoneration

Podcast: A Tale of Exoneration A remarkable account from one falsely accused & jailed who kept up his hope and humanity… A few weeks ago, while driving to the Thursday morning Intermediate Yoga class, I caught this short NPR interview (7 min 09 sec). It was already […]

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Revolution Challenge: Dec ’17

Revolution Challenge: Dec 2017 Small or big ways to positively impact life and refine one’s course… In yoga, revolution primarily refers to a profound change from the inside out where one’s existence undergoes a dramatic and dynamic shift. It is something 100% positive. So for the month […]

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The Universe: Einstein & the Yogis

The Universe: Einstein & the Yogis Here is a unique look from the perspective of western science and eastern spirituality on how to undersand our relation with this universe. The Yogic Outlook Yoga itself means union, making that innate connection between unit and universal, jiivatma and Paramatma, […]

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Thanksgiving Week Yoga 2017

Thanksgiving Week Yoga 2017 Join us all week long – be relaxed, balanced, and fit during this holiday time… Monday – Nov 20 6p Intermediate Yoga Moving Into the Occasion Tuesday – Nov 21 8:30a Absolutely Abs 9a Continuing Yoga 7p Slow Flow Ease into the Thanksgiving […]

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Video: End of Year Goal

Video: End of Year Goal Life should not be a goalless voyage. With the end of the year in sight, mastering this below pose before the start of 2018 seems like an appropriate goal…Happy Practicing!! \Kindly send us video footage of your first 5 or 6 attempts…. […]

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Proverb Challenge – A Compilation

Proverb Challenge – A Compilation Here is a collection of proverbs from this month’s challenge – most recent submission are at the top. All are welcome to participate in the Proverb Challenge. Here are the entries we have received thus far… #14: This next one could be from YOU […]

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Yogis in the Redwoods

Yogis in the Redwoods A few of our famous practitioners have journeyed to the land of the big trees… Part of the beauty of this photo is that it helps us remember that we may not always be as big as we think. Instead of tightly gripping […]

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